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One Third Locking Plate 3.5 MM

One Third Locking Plate 3.5 MM
One Third Locking Plate 3.5 MM
Product Code : 138.204
Product Description

The  One Third Locking Plate exists just in the 3.5 mm form. Its partner in the 4.5 mm framework. The Orthopedic Surgical Implants one third locking plate is accessible in either titanium or stainless steel. As it just has a thickness of 1.0 mm, its capacity to present soundness is to some degree restricted. On the other hand, it might be helpful in territories with insignificant delicate tissue covering, for example, the sidelong malleolus, the olecranon, and the distal end of the ulna. Every opening is encompassed by a little neckline to keep the circular screw heads from infiltrating the plate and delivering splits in the close cortex. The oval state of every gap permits a sure level of capricious screw arrangement to create crack pressure.



Ti.138.204   4 Holes
Ti.138.205   5 Holes
Ti.138.206   6 Holes
Ti.138.207   7 Holes
Ti.138.208   8 Holes
Ti.138.209   9Holes
Ti.138.210   10 Holes
Ti.138.211   11 Holes
Ti.138.212   12 Holes